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Aggrolites- Box Set/Individual Releases

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2 hours ago, tdogg241 said:

Well fuck.  I was going to pass on this because I already have every LP that's available, but I forgot they were single LPs with cut tracklists.

Goodbye, $175+shipping.

Now someone needs to press Westbound Train's discography.

It appears Dirty Reggae will STILL be the 10-track vinyl master and missing the other 4 tracks... I bought a single copy of the self-titled even though I already have the original german promo... Just not into the latter material than the early, but fuck do those pinwheels look good...

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Just got my boxset yesterday!  This thing is massive!  Like, seriously, it won't fit in an Expedit/Kallax, it's over over 14" wide and almost 15" tall.  I assume it's oversized because of the boxset cover, which is the keyboard photo set behind a plastic cover with "The Aggrolites Essentials" printed on it.  The plastic cover even came with a protector sheet, like electronics often have.  The box includes foam inserts to secure the vinyl in place within the oversized box.

Haven't had a chance to spin any of these yet, so I can't comment on sound quality.  But overall, I'm stoked with how this turned out and I'm glad I jumped on preordering this.

The shipping was hilarious though.  It came packaged in a perfectly sized box for the boxset...which was then thrown into a massive cardboard box with a tiny bit of packing paper thrown in.  It's totally unscathed though!  😎

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