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Victory Records Auction

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12 minutes ago, skidroje said:

I would throw $500-$1000 at it, if you were being serious.

I'm interested to hear what all's in there. If those boxes are all full of test pressings, there's certainly profit to be made by reselling them. But if it's a mix of stampers and mechanical parts, it'd be nice to return them to the relevant bands, but that may turn into more of a break-even kind of thing than a profitable thing.

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16 hours ago, Tidal Wave said:

I’d certainly entertain splitting it. As long as I’m allowed to open the boxes I could make a serious offer

If you don't have enough time to go through everything you want to, let me know, and I can put in a request to tour it tomorrow. I live a 10 minute walk from their warehouse. 

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3 minutes ago, shenanigans said:

Wait, is VC actually talking about bringing back VC? Vinyl Collective Redux. I'd be interested in jumping in this. Hopefully Tidal Wave can get a better idea of what's in the boxes. Been following it for a few days, but the local pick up thing makes it difficult.

Except it might actually work because Virgil won’t be involved. 

hopefully none of you are Virgil in disguise

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