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PO Now: Taylor Swift - Evermore 2xLP (Digital PO now)

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ooof man. no body, no crime is the cringiest Carrie Underwood "Before He Cheats" ripoff I never knew I'd have to hear.

So instead of almost a dozen different colors, she put out a bunch of different hues of the same color.   She's got this trolling thing down.


1 hour ago, Alan P said:

I also want to get the free shipping, but unsure of what else to add to my order. Anyone ever bought one of the lithographs? What's the quality like? My daughter wants a Taylor Swift poster for Christmas, which seems like a simple enough ask, however, outside of her website, everything online seems like all bootlegs. Considering the "Wildest Winter" lithograph; although obviously won't get it until 2021.


Last lithograph I ordered was from the Lover era. It was nice a thick photo paper. Almost like screenprinted poster paper. But of course not screened. 


It's nice. They ship it in poster tubes but depending on who is packing it, there may be creases and crimps. I had one happen like that but they replaced w/o issue. 


I say got for it. I'm sure your daughter will love it. 


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Hearing her and Matt Berninger finally sing together feels cathartic as it always seemed a foregone conclusion. That song was great. I don't know how it's possible (it's probably just the fanboy in me) but Justin Vernon elevates everything he's in. Exile and Evermore are awesome songs. 


On first listen I don't like this album as immediately as folklore, but it's still good. I'm sure I'll like it more as I listen again, it just seems a little superfluous upon first pass. 

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Definitely makes Folklore stand out much more for me. Listened in the car on the drive home and maybe 2 songs stick out for me. Definitely grabbed my attention though when she sang “parked my car between the Methodist and the school” because that was a huge spot in high school so many years ago lol. Good times. 

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11 hours ago, Captain Chrismo said:

I love this record, much like I love Folklore. I lean more towards this one because there is more of a pop element to a number of the tracks, and if she was taking this path sonically, I would have expected this album first after Lover.

This is exactly how I feel. 

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I don't do those streaming services, so I'm just waiting to see if other variants are going to pop up before I buy. But I guess they won't even come with the DL, so I should probably just suck it up and pay for the DL.  Listened to some tracks on Youtube and, while good, they don't feel as organic as Folklore. I'm honestly still digesting that album, so I suppose I can wait. End of rambling thoughts.


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4 hours ago, biodigitaljazz said:

I'm watchin' you, bucko.


I'm a big fan of Bon Iver, but the choice to have his verse speed up and then slow the song back down for Taylor was, imo, odd.

Exactly. It just throws the song off. Otherwise I think it would have been a nice solid closer. 

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oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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