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PO NOW: Courtney Barnett - 'From Where I’m Standing: Live from the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne'

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Pre Order Via Blood Records


Limited Edition 12" cream coloured vinyl in a single sleeve taken from Courtney Barnett’s livestream performance “From Where I’m Standing: Live from the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne”, exclusively due for release via Blood Records in partnership with Milk! Records.


This rare album won’t be available in any other format. Barnett is joined by her band Bones Sloane, Dave Mudie and newest member Lucy Waldron on cello as they performed a special set in one of Melbourne’s most iconic buildings. The set includes brand new originals, new covers and some classics.


Please note this item is shipping from the U.K. in late February 2021. Each record will be hand numbered with a maximum of 1000 copies pressed. Pre-orders are open now and will close on Thursday 31st December 2020.


Assuming the tracklist will be exactly the same as the livestream...

  1. City Looks Pretty
  2. Walkin' On Eggshells
  3. Write A List Of Things To Look Forward To (New Song)
  4. Avant Gardener
  5. Let It Go
  6. Here's The Thing (New Song)
  7. I Never Get Lonesome (Arthur Russell Cover)
  8. Depreston
  9. Need A Little Time
  10. We Could Be Looking For The Same Thing (Silver Jews Cover)
  11. If I Don't Hear From You Tonight (New Song)
  12. Sunday Roast
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6 hours ago, pepperonigin said:

Damn that took off quicker than I expected, missed it. 

It is still available at the Milk records website:





Was able to get a shipping rate from the website after changing the currency wheel in the upper left hand corner to USD, but the album is $60 shipped WITH the 10% discount code.


I want this, but the $60 price point for a brand new release is just too expensive for me. 🤑

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1 hour ago, DeathPeak said:

Got an update email. Changing it to clear vinyl and hopefully shipping a little after mid-September. Bummed on it switching to clear. Would have preferred black. At least they're finally close to shipping.


Well, if you don’t want it. I will happily take it off your hands if you don’t scalp me.

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