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Listening fatuigue

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I seem to be experiencing listening fatigue with my system... i don't play my records too loud, but even at a modest volume, after an album or so, they don't seem to be too pleasing to the ears/easy to listen to.


It seems to be on mulitple albums, not just one or two - and albums that are well mastered/pressed.


I wondered if it's a component, or combination of components in my set up.

My set up is:

Pro-ject P1.2 w/ Ortofon 2M Blue -> Pro-ject Phono Box -> Rotel A10 -> Q Acoustics 3050's.


My suspicion is that it's the Rotel (or it's paring with the 2M Blue), and wondered if anyone has any experience with the A10. Perhaps it's a bit harsh or overly detailed/analytical sound?


I have been considering trying a Marantz (PM5005 or PM6006) which seem to be reviewed as having a slightly warmer sound?



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On 12/29/2020 at 5:31 AM, Tommy said:

Get a Marantz

While I’m a big fan, I think this blanket statement won’t actually solve OP’s problem. The 2m blue is known as a very bright cart, and has been reviewed as fatiguing to some (myself included)


While it’s true the Rotel might be amplifying the problem produced by the cart (no pun intended), a 2m blue paired with a marantz might still be too bright for OP’s preference. I’d personally start with a new cartridge as it’ll be the easiest part of the system to invest in and would most likely solve the problem. 

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9 hours ago, andynz said:

I’ve been considering giving the Nagaoka MP-110 a try, that might be a cost effective experiment.


Last night I played a few records through my headphones, definitely still quite bright, turning the treble down definitely helped a bit. 

The Nagaoka would be a good choice after disliking the Ortofon. I went from a 2M blue to an AT-440mla (current equivalent is the VM540) and have never looked back. They are hands down my favorite cartridges I’ve heard in the $200-$300 range. I also own a Denon DL-110 that I’m a fan of as well. 

A system should sound good on direct or pure direct mode or there’s something to be improved. No EQ should be needed. 

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