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question regarding stylus pressure and deteriorating records

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hello, great to be here, i am coming to you as a very passionate music listener, name is Bogdan (romanian), and with most of my friends knowing about this passion of mine (and love for the rolling stones), one of them bought me a pick-up for my birthday. honestly, i wasn't planning to buy one until i could afford a better one (probably a cheap audio-technica), but now i have this one and i thought i can get along with it. the sound is fine, i may say, although not great, i can deal with that, but i found a bigger problem, and as a newbie, wasn't really that aware of it at first. i encountered it as i started to buy more and more records and as my library has now almost 50: it seems that i am deteriorating them. this worries me a lot

Pick-up AKAI ATT-09, difuzoare 2.4 W, Retro - eMAG.rothis is exactly how the turntable looks

its arm doesn't have any kind of weight control. it says in the specs the following: Type: Ceramic stereo cartridge with ruby stylus, Applicable Cartridge Weight: 3.5~8.5g. the only thing i seem to be able to do is change the stylus. could that save my records at least a bit? could that be an option? i very much appreciate the help.


p.s. it also says something i don't quite understand: Recommended stylus pressure: 4 to 6 grams and Tracking Force adjustment: Range 3~4g (as if i could adjust something, but i don't think i can). i'll also leave a link to the manual in case i missed something https://www.akai.com.ro/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/AKAI-ATT-09-combined-EN-RO-UM-29Sep2016.pdf . peace

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