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PO NOW: Hail The Sun - New Age Filth

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Howdy! Keep your eyes open for the new HTS album, suspected to be announced soon.

Their IG is currently blacked out with a teaser image.


Act fast! THEY BE UP! [8:50 AM, PST]

New Variant(s) Added [12:30 PM, PST]

New Variant(s) Added --> March 19th 2021





First Round  -  x/100 each

Splatter - Sold out

Smoke - Sold out

Gold - Sold Out

Blue - Sold Out

White - Sold Out


Second Round  -  x/250 each

Green Mix - Sold Out

Orange Splat - Sold Out

Brown Split - Sold Out


Third Round  -  x/250 each

Cream Splat- 180 Remaining

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Updated Variant List
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28 minutes ago, dapeebs said:

Did not enjoy Mental Knife all that much. Hoping for more of a Secret Wars sound on this one. 

Yeah I think Secret Wars was the best of their recent output...


That being said, I thought mental kinfe was solid, and a big step up from culture scars.
I think 'stranger in our picture' and 'suffocating syndrome' are up there with their best tracks. 

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2 hours ago, dapeebs said:

How’d you even find the link for the store page? The link the band and label posted doesn’t even load.

Gotta stay well connected, know the people who know the people who know the real info 🧐

Also, for those who may arrive to this late, as of this post.... less than 100 total remaining.

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  • V3XED changed the title to PO NOW: Hail The Sun - New Age Filth
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Because I have so many records already, I don't really "look hard" for new stuff, but I recently discovered Vinylmeplease, ironically, via a youtube video about them raising their membership price. I ended up buying five records that I really like a lot. And one of the reasons, I'm embarrassed to say, is the cool colored vinyl as well as the album art. But then I noticed an album pair by  Sturgill Simpson called Cuttin' Grass. And their version is seven dollars more than another one (also colored vinyl, but not quite as "cool"). 


I remember getting a Tomita album called The Bermuda Triangle back in 1978 that used salmon pink vinyl. I loved that. But if it had come in black or pink, and pink was 25% more expensive, I'd have gotten black. The color is a bit like a rule I know of in real estate. That is, some things won't increase the value of your home, but they will make it easier to sell. That's how I see this stuff. i.e. it might cause me to buy it in the first place.


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