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Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue

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8 minutes ago, Boaty McBoatface said:

It went smoothly for me too, but I was in and out with a PayPal confirmation by 13:02. Shit hit the fan right after then 

My confirmation email is timestamped 1:00pm exactly - so, less than 60 seconds from drop to confirm.  After STD I wasn't messing around 😅

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I had to re enter my information 3 times because paypal didn't want to load(took me 5 minutes maybe). So after few attempts I've completed the purchase with some red error in the window but paypal charged me.

15 minutes later got confirmation letter from the store that everything went smoothly.


Feel a little bit sad that I was not buying it for myself but for my singing teacher.(

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1 hour ago, illkeepyouinmind said:

Had a black in my cart, got all the way through entering my information, payed via credit card, and my payment was just loading for like 2-3 minutes before I got an error message. No confirmation email, but my credit card was charged. Hoping I secured a copy but at this point who knows.

For anyone who payed by credit/debit card and not PayPal and didn’t get an order confirmation yet, I just received mine exactly 1 hour after the drop.

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1 hour ago, Snaggle Von Swift said:

I'm still a spinning wheel after hitting "Complete Order" -- guessing I am not getting it.

Never stopped with the spinning wheel on the site, but ending up getting a confirmation email at 1:23pm.

So much that I said to you and I want to take it back now

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If anyone has extra’s of either variants, I’d be forever grateful if you were open to selling. I’ve variant collected Yellowcard (and completed up to this release) and that site shit the bed for me almost immediately. I had both in my cart, and when I hit check out they both went to red font saying they were sold out. Had the countdown up on my screen for nearly an hour and all. Devastated to see that minutes later they were all over on eBay, and a hand full of those ones have already resold.

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16 minutes ago, jaredisburning said:

Just got a confirmation email.  Very happy to not have to pay secondary market prices.  Been a fan since Ryan Key was in Craigs Brother.

What’s Craig’s brother’s name?



Sorry, I had to. I’m a child. 
I also can’t like your post because I refuse to ruin your -69 score. 

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