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As @swisherprice suggested, we should start a specific thread for anime soundtracks.   Here is my list of anime vinyl shops and releases:   Tiger lab vinyl - produces only anime

Picked up Megalobox. Little bit damaged, but overall condition is ok. Also came with mini-poster. I'm on 11th episode now and looks like Yuri will fight without his gear in the final battle. SPOILERS!

Received my copy of the LiSA Demon Slayer vinyl today, and it sounds great!

Update on some vinyl prices. These Attack on Titan 2 Deluxe prices drive me crazy! It's 5xLP but damn.

Attack on Titan 1 Deluxe:
    - colored: allTheAnime (97$) (UK)
    - colored: rightStuf (100$)
Attack on Titan 2 Deluxe:
    - colored: funimation (135$)
    - colored: rightStuf (135$)
    - colored: allTheAnime (124$) (UK)
Attack on Titan 1:
    - colored: vinylluxe (53$)
    - black: allTheAnime (55$) (UK)
    - black: light (53$)
    - colored: light (56$)
Attack on Titan 2:
    - colored: vinylluxe (53$)
    - colored: funimation (50$)
    - black: allTheAnime (55$) (UK)
    - black: rightStuf (50$)
    - black: light (53$)
    - colored: light (56$)
Attack on Titan 1 + 2 bundle:
    - colored: vinylluxe (100$)


    - black: Right stuf (40$)
    - colored: vinylluxe (45$)
    - black: funimation (31$)
    - colored: vinylluxe (40$)
A Silent Voice:
    - colored: allTheAnime (48$) (UK)
    - black: light or vinylluxe (42$)

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