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Dischord color represses

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1 minute ago, geezfools said:

I'm a bit of a collector nerd, so I just enjoy that aspect of the hobby :) 
Doesn't change my interest in buying a copy necessarily.

I totally get it. There are definitely things I feel this way about and I've been way more concerned about them in the past.


I'm honestly a little surprised I'm not more bothered by it.

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If you email them, they should tell you.  I bought the ‘Four Old 7”s on a 12”’ comp awhile back for dirt cheap clearance at Hot Topic.  It’s on blue marble so I was curious.


(from the email in 2009!  The clear copies mentioned are from my original email.  They were selling on ebay for a lot.. at the time)




You have the most recent pressing, and the most limited at 500, if you got the blue marble from Hot Topic.  When "Four Old Seven Inches" was re-released maybe 2 years ago, we pressed it on coke bottle, then clear, and now blue. We don't make quantity notes public on any of these pressings, because we don't press records for collectors. The clear copies are out there, in fact I still have some on my mailorder shelf as we speak. Weird that you see that color for sale at a ridiculous cost, since I believe it is the most widely available at this point.


Hope that answers your question.



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On 12/22/2022 at 10:01 PM, mike said:

Thanks for posting this @mike

I follow Dischord on Twitter and Instagram and never saw these releases announced. 

How did you find out about these getting released again?

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8 minutes ago, Fowty Dollaz said:

I'm always down for clear vinyl! I get what you mean though.


What irks me is when they try but it's off. For example, if this was crayon colored yellow vinyl versus the darker hue of the cover. 

True, probably that was the reason behind calling it off. But it would have been great next to the previous red and blue ones.

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