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Soon? The Mars Volta

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On 1/1/2022 at 11:56 AM, DecayToDeath said:

and i'll reiterate from earlier--it doesn't come in a jacket, it comes in a printed inner sleeve lol

Clouds Hill posted a video on IG showing the retail version of this, and it actually comes in a normal jacket now with paper inner sleeve. Instead of just a printed sleeve like the box set 

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7 hours ago, DecayToDeath said:

gee thanks CH for fuckin over those of us who bought the box set lol

Seriously! The only exclusives now are the book and 2 singles. Everything else has been released apart already, and the box set isn’t even colored. Still an awesome box set, but they definitely should’ve waited a while to release individual colored presses and not have it all done within the same year. 

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21 hours ago, DecayToDeath said:

gee thanks CH for fuckin over those of us who bought the box set lol

Was to be expected. Especially considering how they dodged all questions on Instagram whether individual presses would be available later.

It is quite lame and I probably wouldn’t have bought the box set had I known. On the other hand, I kinda enjoy not worrying about grabbing individual releases on colored vinyl. Seem quite hard to find in Europe anyway. 

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I'm glad there are tons of new pressings coming out of these records. Whatever keeps them in print is all good by me. It would be nice if the prices were lower. They really could be lower. I think they were just afraid to make the collective price on each individual LP less than what the box costed which is a dogshit way to go about it. That baked in shipping price doesn't really hold water.


I definitely would have bought several of the individual LP's of DITC and FTM and probably even AMP and TBIG as presents for people but those prices are pretty tough.

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25 minutes ago, Multiverse said:

So uh, what's a decent sounding repress of De-Loused? I have the VMP replacements and they all sound like butt. Should I just go with the expensive one from CH or is there some other color variant that's just as good? 

I stopped keeping track

I have the indie green/gold that CH pressed and it sounds great for me (and I had several of the bad VMP pressings).

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