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Soon? The Mars Volta

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4 hours ago, Your Ex-Wife said:

If the Cake boxset goes for $1000 after never getting individual pressings imagine what this big fuck will go for if there aren't any. 

I had to go back and look and the cake box set was limited to 900.  I’d have to look more, but “Motorcade of Love” never got pressed after the box set. I’d guess this only reaches the same price, at $1,200 in a few years. If they do press a huge or open run individually, then can’t say.

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9 hours ago, kannibal said:

C’mon, you don’t think some of us have OP’s and didn’t this, too? Get on board this boat. It’s sinking FAST!!!

Good point, but ultimately didn't do it. After shipping (which surprisingly wasn't astronomical as it usually is to Canada) and currency conversion, it was well over $600 CAD. 

The FOMO is real though. 

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1 hour ago, solitaryreign said:

I completely missed the fact that there was a European shop. Ordered after telling myself I wouldn’t. 

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2 hours ago, Jim Steele said:

Sold out. Crazy. Didn’t grab one in the end as it was over $600 shipped to Europe. Don’t really need the book or demos either. Plus I’m counting on the fact they’ll release individual copies later on. Let’s hope I’m not wrong about that because otherwise I’ll sure regret it. 

i work at mall stores and you'd be amazed at what people waste money on.

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According to the Cloudy Hill Instagram comments, some will be available standard retail on April 23rd. So that is probably where the Amazon listing comes from. 

Also their complete lack of response to the question of standalone releases seems like they are avoiding it so they sell more boxes first, but I could be projecting.

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I was waiting for someone to bring up the Cake box set in here. I hope they release the standalone LPs from this Volta set but I’ve seen enough fuckery from major label associated bands to know it’s really hard to predict. 

I assumed these would sell out so I pulled the trigger without knowing when the next opportunity would come.

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