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PO NOW: MxPx - Box Set!

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New email blast:

"This has been a wild year. We certainly don’t have to remind you of that. These past few months I’ve had to really remind everyone that the world is changing drastically and some things are simply out of our control. It has been a lesson in patience and adapting. 
So, to get quick and to the point. The boxset will now be arriving to us at the Merch Arsenal sometime in August. This then means it will get to you sometime in late August, but I’d probably say early to Mid-September with my experience of dealing with this new world the last few months. 
We are and have been following the timelines we were given. During production, we were promised it was on time, until, well, it wasn’t anymore. We waited a few weeks to find out more specifically when it would arrive, so we could give you an accurate update.
Our boxset is currently getting packaged! It's shipping and getting it to us that seems to be the problem. This is shocking on many levels for myself and the team, but it’s the truth.
I keep waiting for the next curveball, but alas, we were assured this timeline seems right. We hate sending these emails, but there we have it. It will be worth it in the end. It’s just going to take a bit longer. Thank you so much for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience on timing, but it is still coming!"
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10 hours ago, smailtronic said:


I am using Target Threshold actually, a 6 cube with 3 and a half cubes full. So yes, filled cubes look better than unfilled cubes, but it isn't like I am running a daily tour group through my house to view my meager collection. I'm more or less the only one that sees it, and I prefer the shelves looking filled, even unnaturally, until I can fill them naturally. 

Plus, I am going to listen to the records, and that's easier to do if they are outside of the box to grab quickly. 

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My box arrived today.  What an awesome set.  I love the book with all the photo's and fan letters.  The box itself is really nice too, that graphic when you slide the lid off on the sides is a really nice touch.  If I had to nitpick something it would be single pocket sleeves on the 2 lp's but get why they're not to save space in an already pretty tightly packed box.  Well done, MXPX.  

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Got mine today as well. For anyone wondering, they shipped in the original sorter boxes so there’s not too much protection. Got a corner ding on my box that crushed a couple corners of the jackets inside. But honestly considering the size and weight, I’m not that upset. 

The records themselves are in printed inners. I haven’t taken all of them out but my EPM had some pretty bad creasing and bending on it. Others I opened were great, though! 

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