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Apologies for not being punk enough for you. You truly are my better. I will now cancel my pre-order & burn all of my records. I mean thats pretty punk, right? Right?!

Tally one more for the anti-7" crew. Only been in the vinyl world for 12 years or so, but I listen to albums in full 99% of the time, start to finish, and said albums are typically longer than 10

i feel like that argument doesn't really apply anymore.    the reason punk/hardcore built it's rep on 7"s is because they were blasting out quick songs and the 7" format was a cheaper and more effecti

  I HATE THE BRONX!!!! I missed on the TP but this dingbat sold a kidney and picked up all the exclusives (Banquet and Revolver), The US, EU, and AU store exclusives, as well as the retail version. I also got the 7" boxed set.  I HATE THE BRONX!!!!  


PS. Still waiting on that Halloween release... 

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Just got my shipping confirmation for looks like everything I order for the US store..


Your order is on the way

Your order is on the way. Track your shipment to see the delivery status.


Items in this shipment

7-Inch_compact_cropped.png?v=1616560441 WHITE SHADOW 7" × 1
IMG_9501_compact_cropped.jpg?v=1616573726 BRONX VI × 1
image_compact_cropped.png?v=1616596904 MIRROR PRESS BOX SET + BRONX VI LP × 1
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12 hours ago, BuzzersonKillwell said:

I got that too but street date is around 4 months from now so I assume label is printed but who knows when it shows up. 


Ya no doubt they just created the label... And this is The Bronx we are talking about... Getting something ON TIME is about as rare as winning the lottery let alone something coming early. I by no means have my hopes up of receiving this any time soon. LOL


   P.S Still waiting on the Halloween Dead Stream release.... 

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Ummmm..... Just checked the tracking number.. Says I should receive my items on 04/19/21. I type this with temperance as I still doubt it will be here and the likelihood is that I will receive the wooden box and the White Shadow 7". I'll still be holding my breath until it actually arrives and probably be well passed out before I get it.  

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10 minutes ago, Iggy_Pilot said:

Looks pretty great! I did not want to spend that much money for it though.

What is this red long thing in the box? Is that "Bronx LA" thing a sticker or a download card maybe?

The red thing is a "snow straw" and the "Bronx LA" thing is in fact a sticker

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On 4/13/2021 at 12:47 PM, Velocity of Sound said:

Can anyone shed some light on the B-Side of “White Shadow”........ “Shite Whadow”? 
I see that the length of the two songs are the same. Is the B-Side backwards to play off the mirror scheme? 


It plays the same normal track as the A side but the grooves/song starts at the inner part of the record by the dead wax and it plays outward.

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