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Asking for help here from people with eclectic musical knowledge.

I really only listen to 80s~90s punk bands, so outside of punk, I don't know anything. 

So you've probably seen me post a lot about the records I've been releasing.
I like to think of it as a punk orchestra: instrumental, 20+ guitars, a horn section, and recently added a pianist.I still think of it as punk, at least structurally, but our compositions take a lot of twist and turns, and are really more a dreamy narrative than a pop track, often with the genres changing with each part of our tracks (see Chartreuse Dream: https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/track/chartreuse-dream, it goes from horns to surf, and then drawing inspiration from Pet Semetary, adds a synth at the end).

So my question is, who do I show this to? I don't understand at all, but we're selling really good at an underground metal shop in Tokyo, but hardly selling at all at the biggest punk shop in Japan. And according to our Spotify data, our listeners like death metal. It doesn't make sense to me, except that one of my all time favorite bands is Samhain.

Here's our most popular track on Spotify:
It explodes with a piano lead backed by 5 guitars and then goes into a surfy retro style twin guitar melody.

This is mix isn't on vinyl yet, but a 12" is planned. So I want to make a marketing strategy as I know it's too repetitive and weird for punk rock fans.

So data shows that most people get turned off our stuff in the intros. And that's fine.
But I'd really like to know what kind of genre would you diagnose this stuff as?
Download codes will be sent to all repliers. Thanks

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i honestly think this falls under the category of post-rock, if you are looking for a catch all term that is relatively well known and easy to categorize (surf/punk/noir instrumental doesnt exactly flow off the tongue). Closer to Lights & Motion than Slint, but in there somewhere


I think post-rock shares much more with metal than with punk and this fits with the shop demographics

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oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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I Understand, I'll disable it for this website