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PO : Cold Cave - Fate in seven lessons

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Fate In Seven Lessons is the new release by Cold Cave encompassing all of their past while moving deeper into the future. It’s their heaviest and most romantic yet with brooding and sexy synth driven neo-psychedelic goth and the epitome of dreary pop driven by synthesizers and poetry. Seven melancholy and emotional songs of love and longing. 

Fate also sees "Promised Land" on vinyl for the first time.

*The bundle version includes a signed picture disc 12" and a long sleeve FATEshirt*


This is a pre-order to ship by approx. June 11th. Other items ordered with this will not ship until this ships.



pressing info :

Picture Disc - ??

Pink - 100

Blood - 100

Gold - ??






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Just now, axisrecapital said:

Although it doesn't state it on the website, but as of now, there are around 415 picture discs left at his moment, so I'm guessing they pressed 500 of these.

This was posted around midnight last night so it may be more. With the bundles factored in I wouldn't be surprised if it is at least 1k. This is one of the very few bands I gave up on at some point and sold off most of my collection (other than maybe 4 pieces). But the new song is promising.

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I thought Glory was one of there best songs to date. The rest of the infinity 10” however wasn’t anything special. Single seems to be in the vein of Glory, so I am excited for this. Weirdly I’m usually hit or miss with there releases, loving some and disliking others ... 


My guess is a 2,000 initial press. With 1,000 pics and 500 in colored? 

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2 minutes ago, cephcarn4 said:

Olive & Blue now available both limited to 100. 


Also Black is up. 


I was waiting for the rest of the colors in the painting to show up as variants. Tempted to get that blue, but already got pink and red. I fell down this Skittles hole too many times for multiple variants and am trying to be a little more "sensible".

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