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Funeral For a Friend reissues

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11 minutes ago, HardlineKid said:

I'm going to delay buying this, wait too long and then regret not having bought it before it sold out...

Is there a US link for the clear? Seems like it was sold out in the UK.

Clear was UK only, and it’s sold out. 
Black is all over the place - just buy the damn things, man!


Also, buying them from Dig is cheaper only if you select standard shipping, which in my experience means “lost parcel” most of the time. 

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1 hour ago, Boaty McBoatface said:

My CDADIC and Hours finally showed up, and they look gorgeous, of course. I own multiple CD versions of CDADIC and I think I’m right in saying this vinyl reissue is the only version that’s festooned with a fucking parental advisory icon over the artwork. What is it even for?! 

To give Tipper Gore purpose?

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