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Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum! 


I'm looking for an uprgade to my Dual CS 415-2. I bought this turntable three years ago, when i started collecting vinyl records. To be honest it's a nice turntable,it does the job, but i can't stand having records that are 70€ played on turntable, which I bought for 50€ or about 60$. I have a rather nice amplifier, Hitachi HA-4500. I'm looking for better a audio quality and overall better alternative to the one I have. My budget is about 300€ or 360$.


I made a bit of research and came to the conclusion, that there are two turntables that are in my price point and are worth it.

Audio-Technica AT-LP5, not Audio-Technica AT-LP5X. I found one,second hand in great condition, in my country for around 280€ or 330$. I saw few reviews and it turns out to be a great overall turntable, for pure listening. 

Secondly, Pro-Ject Primary E, belt driven, with a great reaviews. 


I would love to hear more record player suggestions, either second hand or new. Maybe thorens or Technics. I just want to have the best sound quality at this price, I'm sure i won't be able to find good sounding Technics SL 1200 at this price, but I'm looking forward to your suggestions and ideas. 


Thank you in advance, Ivan.


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i love projects and rega's but it ultimately comes down to the counterweight adjustment and antiskate ... if it has it (and you set it right) it will do minimal damage to your records.. if it doesnt (like crosleys) it will absolutely kill ya records ... so get whatever player has those two things :) ... then later down the track you can look at upgrading platters or carts/stylus ... also i recommed a platter puck ;)


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I'm assuming you've already bought a different turntable, but I'm curious...you bought your Dual for $60 three years ago? I thought they retailed for about $350 or more. Or am I off? If your budget is only $360...I was going to say, stick with what you have...it's a quality turntable, you would only be making a lateral move in that price range. Unless of course you want vintage.

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