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PO: Descendents - 9th & Walnut

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Up for preorder.


1. Sailors’ Choice
2. Crepe Suzette
3. You Make Me Sick
4. Lullaby
5. Nightage
6. Baby Doncha Know
7. Tired of Being Tired
8. I’m Shaky
9. Grudge
10. Mohicans
11. Like the Way I Know
12. It’s A Hectic World
13. To Remember
14. Yore Disgusting
15. It’s My Hair
16. I Need Some
17. Ride the Wild
18. Glad All Over



Indie opaque Green

EU /500 Aqua Blue

EU /500 Solid White


EU Blue/Trans. Cloud Vinyl

Blue Split with Splatter /2000

Orange /500


Opaque Gray /500



Bone & Aqua /500




Sea Blue /2000

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Seems like it could be the songs they recorded  with Tony that he talks about  in an interview back in 2013 i found

"What's with the rumor that you, Bill and Frank recorded before Frank's passing?
We recorded some of my songs in 2006 at the Blasting Room. In 2002, we recorded a whole bunch of songs — mostly Frank's songs. He was a great songwriter. He had such a unique EQ out of his amp. When we recorded later in 2008, we did some more of my songs, but Frank wasn't there for that. We tried to recreate that unique Frank sound. I'd like to think of these as songs that if the Descendents had stayed together, this is what we would have sounded like. Those are in Bill's hands. Milo has said from the get-go that he would record it, but he hasn't yet."


"The film gets into something most people don't know, which is the band has strong ties to Long Beach.
I was from the South Bay, but I moved to go to Cal State Long Beach. We practiced there and that's where we met. It's 9th and Walnut. In the beginnings, our origins were in Long Beach, but as we kept on we gravitated toward the South Bay. I live in Lakewood now. I've lived here for almost 30 years."

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