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Sleater Kinney - Path of Wellness (6/11)

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shout out to that Newbury Comics "add $9 to a $25 record" pricing.


anyway, webstore (exclusive?) on cream if the picture is to be believed. https://sleaterkinney.kfu.store/preorder-path-of-wellness-vinyl-lp.html


there's also an "opaque white" option at Rough Trade which seems to be a UK indie exclusive variant. https://driftrecords.com/products/sleater-kinney-path-of-wellness

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59 minutes ago, tape said:

shout out to that Newbury Comics "add $9 to a $25 record" pricing.

No kidding. Just imagine Newbury being your local. Visited my parents in Cincinnati this weekend and bought a few records for $10 cheaper than what I had seen them for in Boston. Not uncommon at all for Newbury to add $8-10 to new records. Then, if some of the indie exclusives start to become scarce they will still jack them up from there. They have gotten quite slimy. 

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8 minutes ago, timsimmons said:



You make it seem like the band had no agency in their decision making.



I agree that the last album was craptacular, but it was 100% Carrie and Corin's fault.  The drums on this new song are really weak and Janet's absence is really obvious.

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I can get that people would like it, and I think trying something new is admirable if everyone in the band is onboard (clearly wasn't the case). The new song could be okay if they had a better drummer locking down the beat. The half time on the hats is weird and ends up making the song sound really weak and boring.

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2 hours ago, timsimmons said:

I really enjoyed maybe 75% of the last record. Some missteps, but I enjoyed them trying something different. 

I have the exact same opinion.  It was a nice attempt on their part.  In some cases, it worked to perfection IMO like the lead off song "The Center Won't Hold".  But there were some cringe lyrics too "Call the doctor Dig me out of this mess..."   Those weren't written by St Vincent.  


But I did love Janet and this will be the first album without her on it.  I don't know about the rest of the album but you can certainly notice her absence on their first single.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm not ready to give up yet.  

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