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PO NOW: Deafheaven - Infinite Granite (08/20)

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3 hours ago, holyvacantsholyhell said:

You’re really going to die on this stupid, stupid hill aren’t you?

honestly, i've died on way stupider... but i gave a much more specific opinion previously:

On 8/4/2021 at 1:48 PM, no.one said:

So, I'm a big fan of shoegaze too, but if I were told that Deafheaven had made a shoegaze album, I'd have thought slightly more along the lines of the band, Pyramids, who made swirly ambient music with murky blastbeats in the background. I would obviously expect clearer production than that with Deafheaven, but I don't understand why they didn't retain some of the metal aspects they were known for... If there were a few blastbeats and a few more shrieks now and again would've made some more memorable moments on these lead tracks. For example, Dillinger Escape Plan would make a rock song, but they'd incorporate some technical elements into it to maintain their sound. This is just a different band even if exaggerating the more mellow parts from their past.


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I think the spoiler tag no longer works but whatever, everyone is discussing it already.


If you hated the singles, don't expect the record to win you over by framing them in a new context.  There are 2-3 moments on the record that "go in" and will sate any fan's thirst for classic Deafheaven.  But they are far and few, and the emphasis of the record – the meat & potatoes – will not be enough to warrant the price of admission if you're only on board for a metal fix.


That being said, I think it's a pretty consistent record – the singles were not the best cuts nor contain the best moments.  If anyone read reviews that praised the production and layering, those were right on the money.  There's some tremendous moments that felt great to get lost in.  At some points I found myself not really caring if it was or was not Deafheaven behind what I was hearing, to be honest.  I'll also say that for as "out there" as some tracks get – whether it's George trying a new vocal delivery, or... well, George trying a new vocal delivery – instrumentally, the band finds subtle ways to keep you engaged and actively aware that you're listening to Deafheaven.  Mostly Dan on the kit, but also a lot of the bass and chord progressions – little flickers that made me instantly recognize that I am, in fact, still listening to the same band from Roads To Judah days.  I just don't think those flickers or the 2-3 "metal moments" are going to be enough for a lot of folks and that 53 minute runtime.


I think they make the sounds of Infinite Granite work for them, and it suits them fine... but I don't think it's their best suit.  The back half of Mombasa, for me, just highlights the wow factor that keeps me coming back to this band.  There's a reason they saved it for the very end.  It's all cards on the table and any track that would follow it would fall short.  Again, just my 2¢.  I'm eager to spend more time with the record and see what else bubbles up from the rich production choices.  I don't regret my pre-order in the slightest, and I think anyone who was jazzed on the first 3 singles is going to be really pleased with the final product.  But, yeah.  Definitely the black sheep among their discography now.  It'll be interesting to hear where they go next.

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Villain, Lament and Mombasa, just WOW. Anthemic, check! Bombastic, check! You got to love a band that challenges themselves and wants to reinvent themselves with a new sound for them, but still has some of the same trademarks that made us love them from the beginning! FUCKING HELL! GREAT ALBUM!

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