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PO NOW: Deafheaven - Infinite Granite (08/20)

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Finally got through this.  It's definitely very good, and very well-done, but i struggle to remember many parts.  It kind of blends together for me. 

The screams feel out of place, which is weird.  The tones are good, and George sounds good though.  I like the riffs, it's all very dreamy and post-rock but i don't really recall any distinct riffs after one play through. 

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I think a big part of the problem there is that there just isn’t a ton of memorable “riffs” this time around.  The huge standout moments are made memorable by a lot of elements coming together – I’ve had the finales of Shellstar and Lament for Wasps stuck in my head all weekend, as an example.

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Finally found time to sit down and properly listen to the album the whole way through. Musically, I enjoy it. Its not my favourite Deafheaven album by any stretch, but I dig it. Unfortunately I think the vocals really hold the album back and it could have been 100x better with someone else, at least have another person with range and is competent with melody do the clean parts and have George do the screaming and work more of those parts in. Have a duo, kind of Asobi Seksu meets Deafheaven or something. He's just so monotone and lifeless, it really drags down most songs. I can't listen to The Gnashing at all without hearing the Mr Burns comparison someone posted a while ago.

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I too just got around to finally listening to this today. I was apprehensive because to me the singles were kind of lackluster but as a whole the album is great. As others have said; Villain and Mombasa are standout tracks though I do agree that some of the tracks feel same-y. 

I didn’t preorder based on what I’d felt from the singles but now that I’ve heard the whole, complete work I’m going to the record store tomorrow and picking this up. 

ps. that Fantano review was pretty harsh, but it’s not surprising to me since he didn’t seem to too care much for sunbather either

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