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PO NOW: Deafheaven - Infinite Granite (08/20)

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hmm, new track is okay... i think i prefer the previous single. I guess knowing where they came from is having me less impressed.

The circumstances kinda reminds me of Ceremony, although they kinda leaned postpunk before they went fully clean. If Deafheaven had included a couple tracks with more clean-vocal singing in them on the last album, this one would make more sense.

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18 hours ago, alwaysopenmouth said:

So if this is the new direction then how will this translate live? Only metal set lists on some tours? Metal only encores? I’m not trying to be snarky I’m trying to imagine a show where they play stuff from their repertoire ( though I think they’ve stopped playing Roads to Judah, at least that was the case last two times I saw them live)

My guess would be they will bring instruments and microphones, then play the songs 

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Tetsuo clearly loves slobbing on DH’s knob.  Makes me cringe a bit, but whatever.


Anyway, the two new songs put me to sleep.  And I’ve been a fan since before Sunbather. I don’t think they’re ever topping that record, they caught lightning in a bottle with that one.


I’m still looking forward to hearing the new album though. Maybe it’s a grower?

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On 7/9/2021 at 8:00 PM, OU818 said:

These are the only Deafheaven songs I have ever liked lol

did you listen to the last record?  It's a pretty natural evolution from there, minus the egregious vocal shift. 

Lots of old school fans hate OCHL but I think it's their best and I'm not sure how others can think differently.  Of course Sunbather is legendary, but OCHL is just so put-together and well done. 

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2 hours ago, The Fuck Whisperer said:

That's a "unique" take. I feel like you must be subconsciously relating OCHL to a bad spot in life or something 

Ha, no, if it's resonates with a bad time I usually like it more. I just find it uninspired and the experimentation didn't work for me.  It felt awkward and clumsy.  I feel like Infinite Granite is what they wanted to do, but just didn't take it that far.

I'm very much an 'to each their own' type of person, but every time someone says OCHL is their best it has me scratching my head.

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3 hours ago, daegor said:

New Bermuda > Sunbather > Roads to Judah > OCHL

So far Infinite Granite is firmly in #2.

This is 100% my ranking also I think new Bermuda is flawless. I have gone back to it so much. OCHL just doesn’t connect with me at all musically or emotionally. I am always shocked New Bermuda Constantly gets ranked low. 

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