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AFI - Sing The Sorrow 2xLP - Boot Available Today - NOW: Official Reissue Happening & PO Dropping

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3 minutes ago, Fowty Dollaz said:

I bought it. I'm sucker for that stupid record and all the prior ones too. Could give a damn about the knick knack shit I paid for, but the 7" collection is pretty dope.

Welp Fowty Dollaz is Fowty Dollaz.  Or in this case Two Hundred and Seventy Five Dollaz! ;)

I hope you at least got free shipping?

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55 minutes ago, rrd said:

i actually don't even care for AFI much, i just keep seeing a pattern of people bumping old ass barely related threads to announce new stuff, just makes no sense to me

He said why he did it very clearly. Forums in this format should just be band catch-all threads anyways, just ignore the album title when you see a bumped thread if you like a band. Simple.

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Also, now that I have time, I knew these would go in a hurry, and I'm surprised they haven't already announced a new, 2nd round variant.

I get why it's annoying, but it's a pita to make a new thread, while on lunch, on my phone. 

I only bumped the thread to notify the 6 people who would care enough to even be on the boards midday. 

Between the way IG and FB have just become giant commercials for anything for sale, Reddit, Spotify, email, texts, and all the other shit bigger bands do to promote us giving them money, if you find out here there's too much disconnect from the artist for you to actually have fomo about it. (You= all you internet folks in general- myself included)

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I don’t have any social media or anything so I rely on VC for my release news. Back in the day it worked. Now days it feels like barely anything ends up on here and I miss out on things too frequently. 
That said, I use to be bothered by “catch-all” threads, but now I’m just grateful to see anything on here. 

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