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PO: Taylor Swift - RED (Taylor's Version) 4xLP out on 11/12

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34 minutes ago, jhulud said:

Target copy arrived today. It was in one of those alleged crush proof mailers...but the upper left corner of the jacket was crimped/crushed beyond fix...UGH...


I'll see on finding a copy at local Target and then will see on returning this one. 



Good luck. I just checked online and there's only one store in 50 miles of Boston that shows as having any.  Yesterday there were none.

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My target sold out the night of release and constantly checked the stock in the app. Managed to pick up a copy today (only 2 left). They each had a small crease mark on the upper right by the spine, if I were to nitpick. But based on everyone’s shipping experience I am glad to have gotten one. I also got a notification for my shipped copy while I was on my way home (ordered in case I struck out in store, planned to cancel when I got home but too late). We’ll see how that one turns out. 

I am pretty sure these will be plentiful in store before long. Hope everyone can get the issues with their copies sorted out. 

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On 11/16/2021 at 11:51 AM, Alan P said:

I will return in-store to hopefully find a replacement on the shelves. I'm in no rush to return it, I'll listen to records 2, 3, and 4 a lot over the next few days before I can get to Target.

I was able to return in store today and get a new copy. Unfortunately, all four copies on the shelf were damaged in some way. I bought the one of the four that was the least bent, but still has one crushed corner. I considered buying a second copy to help out someone here who needed it, but all were too damaged. What's interesting to consider is that the copies that are coming in the mail may have been damaged even before individual shipment.


I did open up and inspect each record in the parking lot before I left, and thankfully the wax itself appears mint and there is no embedded paper shards like my first copy. But now that I have seen and held 5 copies of this 4xLP, the weight of the vinyl is just too much for the thin cardboard. If anyone gets a copy that has a sleeve that is NM, consider yourself fortunate.

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Bought mine in store. Cover is in pretty good shape, though all of them had at least one small corner ding. No warping, all labels accounted for. Seam splits on the inner sleeves, as expected. 


The second disc has some black speckling all over both sides. Doesn't look like transition bleedover really, so I'm guessing it's some random junk. I'll have to see if it impacts play at all. Doesn't appear to be raised or anything. 

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