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Who are some bands/artists you think new listeners would appreciate more if they started with their very first release?

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And I don't mean this as, "their earlier material was better," or, "they changed their sound too much," I mean bands/artists who have a solid catalog, but you think it's better to experience it in progression from square one opposed to just randomly jumping into their music. 


IE - Black Flag, The Bronx, Tigers Jaw, Masked Intruder, Glassjaw, Red City Radio, Minus The Bear

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9 hours ago, superpeephole said:

Portugal. The Man

If you told me in 2010 that they would be Grammy Award winners in the next ten years, I wouldn't believe it for a second.. but here we are.

If you told me the goobers on stage shouting and telling stories about showering with each other in a tiny venue as Anatomy of a Ghost would one day win a Grammy, I’d have also been in disbelief.

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Adding to the classic rock vein I'd say King Crimson for sure; I love the sheer WTF-ness of the abrupt transition from those early albums to Larks.  Though for many listeners it might be good to hop off before getting to the Thrak-era stuff.


I also love following the thread of Spacemen 3 through Spiritualized (and taking a detour into the Sonic Boom branch).

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On 6/22/2021 at 7:37 PM, Shitty Rambo said:

I also wanna throw in Against Me!

I agree. I am in a few AM! groups on Facebook, and RAR/Eternal Cowboy seem to rank significantly lower with many from the crowd that started listening to them in the WC/TDB era. Nobody ever says they aren't great records, but the AM moving to the more melodic side from New Wave forward definitely appealed to a broader audience, and plays a big role in those rankings.  Post major label, Laura's transition and the release of TDB definitely brought in a lot of new fans, which was rad. 


I guess I'll chalk it up to same logic behind thinking the music you got into in your teens/early 20s always is the best thing out there. What a lot of people first hear from an artist generally stays their favorite, it seems. 

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