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Glassjaw - EYEWTKAS, W&T and Live At The Forum - 3xLP Boxset [PO 07/09/21]

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Just came here to say that I am one of the poor souls who actually purchased this, after missing out many of the ridiculous GJ items in the past.  Ok, $200 - probably shouldn’t have done it and just g

This was posted in an FB group I'm in discussing the release...  

gonna be such a cool show with every loser holding their precious moments display case like a firstborn.

2 hours ago, backpackoat said:

Shitposting aside, I'm loving the vociferous gall of, "Finally! W&T as it was meant to be heard!" and like twelve people in the world get to hear it

What, you didn’t download the Convectuoso mp3 from Limewire back in 2003 like the rest of us?

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58 minutes ago, satoshi said:





spent entire budget on plexiglass, skimped on the hand model


Oof...that's rough...maybe they can use some of the excessive pricing and throw a few bucks to that person for a proper mani-pedi. 


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3 hours ago, no.one said:

Uhhhh..... What happens if someone paid for the box/concert, but got a refund on the concert and didn't go to the show?? Is paypal sorting that out for me in post? 


Asking for a friend...

I've been debating buying the record with a sleeve, but not buying a ticket to the show. What are they gonna do, go "No sir! You cannot have the thing you payed for! We'll cancel your order and never sell this to anyone ever again because we will not ship these."

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Posted (edited)

What's really wild is the listings all say these are being made to order. I highly doubt that.


Every single pressing plant in America (and likely Europe, too) is backed up for months and months, and at many plants, new orders are being told to expect up to a 13-month(!!!) turnaround.


Either Glassjaw is lying about these being made to order and have already placed an order with a pressing plant (with plans on a wider release after the tour is over), or they're extremely overconfident about launching a pre-order with no defined end date that is dependent on being ready by the first night of their tour. Shitshow ahoy!

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Just now, Fowty Dollaz said:

This is exactly what will happen. Imagine how many don't get picked up for various reasons (illness, emergencies, etc.)

They’ve already seen this coming and will produce 10% less than ordered to make sure this is as lucrative as possible (while avoiding the much more lucrative and obvious path of just letting anyone in any region order this).

All the sites make you acknowledge that you MUST choose the show you will attend and there are ZERO REFUNDS for any reason. We’ll find out whether or not they back down on this when enough people try to get it shipped or refunded without going to a show.


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4 hours ago, scottheisel said:

What's really wild is the listings all say these are being made to order. I highly doubt that.

These are 100% already pressed. They’re just gonna store them in a warehouse for ten years before shipping them to the address with which you bought a ticket. 
And the colours will be in the reverse order.

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