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PO Now: HALSEY - If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power LP (Produced by NIN) - out on 8/27

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3 minutes ago, sugareggs said:

I was going to order a copy, but my girl beat me to the punch and already ordered the UO variant when I asked what copy I should get. It’s a certified banger record if she’s front running this on me, she is a casual vinyl buyer, unlike us degenerates on these boards, myself definitely included 

I'm hardly a pop connoisseur or a Halsey fan but can confirm banger status.  Been enjoying it quite a bit over the weekend – way more than I thought I would.

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Fingerprints in Long Beach has a signed art card that I haven't seen pop up anywhere else yet (it is just a CD size art card though).  They also had 1 of the 4 signed test presses too.  If they still have the art cards (I would call), I think you can order the CD or vinyl online and get one.


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7 minutes ago, jhulud said:

I can't stop listening to this record. It's so good. 


I need to track down that indie exclusive w/ that alternate signed art card. My nearest shops are all out but I don't think they ever got any of the art cards anyways. 

M Theory records in San Diego is where I got mine they might do shipping

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