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(PO SOON?) : Turnstile - Glow On

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5 hours ago, qula said:



only black version available...was hoping they will save some colour copies for the eu store, or add some eu variants


the only limited version I saw was the white indies version at 33euro( or 34pounds in the UK) without shipping... Insane!

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21 hours ago, richardp said:

Roadrunner really doesn't seem to ever repress their shit these days so I wouldn't count on it anytime soon for Time + Space.

True. Fingers crossed  Reaper puts out another couple thousand Nonstop Feeling’s sometime soon... loved this band since about then, just never picked up their vinyl. 

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1 hour ago, mitchard said:

Caved and bought the blue. I think the bummer of missing out on this outweighed the extra shipping costs.

Yeah, $6 or having to pay $45 for a Black copy in 6 months. I have a feeling, unless your the first one at a store you know is going to have it, finding a White one is going to be difficult too.

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On 7/17/2021 at 12:17 AM, kidzord said:

Decided to grab a baby blue along with my previous pink LP order. Emailed All In to see if they would combine shipping, and was told they were unable to... 🙄

Great. I was considering adding a longsleeve to my order to the Uk but no way am I paying that shipping fee twice.

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