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Thrice - Horizons/East

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Alright. Lots of people hitting me up about UK/EU variant. Long story short, shop I ordered from fucked up and wasn’t supposed to let it hit yet. They have asked me not to share the information yet as they have taken it down and don’t want attention for their mistake. Being an indie shop, I have to respect that as I don’t want them to get in trouble (especially since this is the second time in 3 years they have done this and allowed me to keep my preorder in).

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3 hours ago, throwgncpr said:

This track is better than anything from the last two albums. It feels like an actual progression from Major/Minor. I'm back in.

Right?? This is the best I've felt about a new release in at least 3 albums. TBEITN felt like "Thrice discovers baritone breakdowns" and Palms was "Thrice makes  a mediocre mid tempo rock album," with both feeling way too safe. Palms in particular bugged me because of how good Thrice had been lyrically for years for them to be boiled down to trite passages and boring compositions (though it did bring us Beyond the Pines, a top 5 Thrice song all-time IMHO). 


This song starts with, "Overhead, are those angels or vultures? Heavy wings and the hum of decay - they seethe and hover - skew and smother the light of day." Mathy timed riffs, massive guitar and bass tones, plus the awesome syncopation and adjusted harmonies on the last reprise of the chorus. 


Yeah. Feels like Thrice is back for real now. 

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6 hours ago, xfactor675 said:

looks like the remaining yellowish variant (orange & mustard galaxy-coloured) is a german exclusive



Thank you so much for this!  flight13 doesn't ship to the US but green hell does!

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Never mind, I changed my mind about waiting to pick up a copy in the store. Those European variants are too pretty so ordered the Orange & Mustard Galaxy Vinyl Edition and Neon Yellow & Violet Vinyl Edition from HHV.de shipping to the US.

And after listening to "Scavengers" 5 more times it is definitely my favorite Thrice song in quite some time, both musically and lyrically. The bass work is exceptional.

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