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PO Now: Mono - Pilgrimage of the Soul - 9/17/21

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Also quite a few variants up at Pelagic if you’re from across the pond, or willing to pay an extra $17 or so over the cost of an orange.


New single is pretty immense.  Per the album description it sounds like a lot of the tracks are going to be more uptempo and incorporate electronics which… eh.  Not trying to be too dismissive but I feel like that’s the safest, go-to path for progression for basically any post-rock group.  I’m sure it’ll work out.

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Was going to get one of the EU variants, but Pelagic killed it with ~$42 for shipping (tracked).  If I were the adventurous type, I might roll the dice with the ~$12 untracked option.


I do like the new single.  Will have to give it a proper listen later when I don't have just my one ear bud in at work.  Only thing I could hear for the first 1:15 was my tinnitus.

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European variants ftw again. Grabbed the eternity and wildflower. 
Took a chance on the €13.50 untracked shipping from Germany to Canada. Did it last time for the live album and it arrived fine.

Note to non-EU customers, they charge a €3 Paypal fee as well if you can't do bank transfer.



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16 minutes ago, The Vool said:

Pelagic obviously forgot to include the Eternity variant to my order...their support is a pain in the ass. Trying to get a response from them for almost two weeks now...no reaction 😒

I thought it was this thread but I guess it's a different one... anyway, I went on a little rant about Pelagic not too long ago.  I'm sure they've been impacted by Covid or whatever, but their customer service has been garbage for a while now.  It was like pulling teeth to get any kind of response, updates, or traction with previous orders.  The last thing I ordered from them was a Pg.lost album I ended up cancelling.  Had to wait weeks on end before opening a Paypal dispute to initiate a refund.  Only then did they provide a tracking number and claim they sent it.  Their variants are quite nice but for the cost of conversion (here in the US), their customer service, and their parcel packaging... nah.

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I had a pressing defect on my Wild Flower edition and I waited about a week with no response before opening a Paypal dispute. Even then it took them a week to respond that they would send an Auguries edition as a replacement since they didn't have any more Wild Flower editions. 

We'll see if that actually gets sent. It's unfortunate since I've surprisingly never had any issues with them before.  I'll still get their MONO variants over Temporary Residence because the difference in shipping cost is somehow negligible to Canada.


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Pelagic told me i wasn't getting the PG.Lost splatter for Yes I Am that i ordered, saying they pressed too little and over sold.  Then they sent me 3 separate packages to make up for it.  Of the same bundle.  Their customer service is very lacking.

Does anybody have a 1st press they'd be willing to let go of?  I slept on this and it sold out instantly, and A1KA seemingly won't be getting any copies because Pelagic is moving enough of their own via themselves and Indie Merch. 

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