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Austin, TX for one day

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After 25 years of living in Austin i wouldl suggest End of An Ear.

 It's actually the place most people go if you're looking for metal/punk/emo (well 1st-4th wave at least)/etc etc. Waterloo is just big. It carries a lot of new records, cd's, dvd's, and knick knacks.  but nothing stands out. You can find most of their selection online anywhere. Their used section is basically blah but occasionally you'll find something interesting. End of an Ear has tons of gems that poke out at ya. I think i spent like $250 the last time i went. All used except for 1 record.  And it's a whole hell of a lot closer than Waterloo.  Waterloo has just been around longer and i never suggest it unless it's Record Store Day.  


But if you do go to Waterloo... next door is 24. it's  pretty good restaurant, and Amy's Ice Cream around the corner is excellent.  If it's your Birthday, maybe they'll throw a scoop of ice cream across 6th street into a cup for ya. LOL. 


Also, if you're going in the next month or 2, i apologize for the heat.  I'm making my way there in Oct to see family and i've already started saving. I usually hit up End of an Ear and  Breakaway.  Breakaway is just kinda far and it really is more for people into Jazz, and R&B, Soul. I mostly go there for Jazz stuff, because it caters to that kinda crowd.  





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End of an ear is great,  I haven’t been to breakaway records yet but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it!

also I think there’s some sort of crazy flea market thing they do on Sundays down the road from the store.  
radio coffee is also near there, that’s a cool coffee and beer spot

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End of an Ear is the move, IMO. Waterloo probably has the best overall selection if you factor in new records, but End if an Ear is the place I think you are most likely to find something you can’t find anywhere else, which is usually my personal priority. It’s not near downtown but a pretty close to the airport if you’re flying in so you can hit it in your way in or out of town and maybe still squeeze in Waterloo. 

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23 hours ago, crossedoutname said:

Not to derail this thread…but if anyone posting in here lives in the austin area, I just moved to Williamson county a year ago from washington.  Lookin to make some friends, let me know what else is good here!

No, but i visit Austin a lot since most of my friends are there and it was my home till i moved 4 years ago. I'm always down for meeting up for food in Oct when i visit. I don't dare visit in the summer.  If you have any questions. feel free to send me a message. 

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3 hours ago, Cbolling126 said:

 holy crap was it hot there this time a year

My wife is from New Braunfels, TX (45 min south of Austin), I can attest that it is actually a living hell in Austin June-October. A wet, sticky, humid mess. But god damn do they have one of the best music scenes in the country as well as THE best Tex-Mex and BBQ imo. So, makes up for it a bit. 

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