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I got a new job lined up in state but 6 hours away. I've seen the Too Many Records videos on the subject matter, so I think I have good tips on how to move my current records.

What's the best way to point pre-orders at my new place? Just use USPS forwarding? I have a spreadsheet of all my orders, just contact all of them to change it (about 30 at the moment)?

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In my own experience, I've found it best to email the stores that haven't shipped out your pre-orders yet to update the address. Take note of who answers. For the ones that don't respond, try calling if they have a phone number. If you're moving from an apartment, you can tell the leasing office to hold any mail that may arrive for you after you move. Whether they will or not is at their discretion though. I've had complexes just throw my mail away (non-USPS, so I couldn't re-route), so use this as a last resort. I always re-route my mail through USPS when I move. But for re-routed packages, USPS wants me to pay extra postage when they're delivered. I never do, but it's still annoying to see that written on my packages.


9/10 times I've had success just contacting the merchant and having them update if they haven't shipped the item(s) yet.

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I moved 3000+ records in uhaul boxes back in November. Also for about 3 months I had Preorders being redirected to my new home. It was pretty stressful coz it took up to 1 week longer to receive them. But it wasn't too bad since it was during the cooler months. Luckily none of those were damaged. But I can imagine how easily these records could've never made it to my hand safely considering the c19 mess the postal service was going thru then...

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