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PO: Sault - 5, 7, Rise, Black Is TTL Exclusives


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I saw copies of Black Is for sale at my LRS for 69.99 CDN... For what I assume is a standard 2xLP album. I've bought 4xLP box-sets for the same price this year.

Would love to start collecting this band's albums but the price-gouging is video game OST level absurd (w/o the elaborate gatefold packaging t justify it).

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These were also just impossible to find for a while which I think added to stores adding a few bucks to the price. I was lucky and found a small Chicago shop which was selling the 2 Untitled albums last year for $35 which was a good $10 less than most US stores who could get them in stock back then.


Also supposedly 9 is only going to be available to order for 99 days, so you should grab that while you can.



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49 minutes ago, OldKentuckyShark said:

I’m a little shocked these are still available

Me too considering how fast the Rough trade exclusives sold. Looks like half of the 2 Untitleds are still left. I only grabbed Rise as it is the 1st variant that I'm aware of for it and I had bought a red Black Is last month off discogs.



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Anyone catch that the version of Black Is... was an error and is pulled from TTL's site? Apparently they are sending new ones out but that Side B and Side D on that version were both actually Side B. I have it in the cue to spin and haven't gotten there so I hadn't discovered it myself yet. 

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