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Furnace Fest vinyl collaborations

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4 hours ago, Alan P said:

Hoping for 90's releases, but I am not optimistic.

1 hour ago, rcafilm said:

The email just says it's more Bless the Martyr. Not exactly sure how that fits the bill for what they're hyping on twitter as they already "launched" this a couple of weeks ago, but I would be surprised if they put up another surprise pressing at the same time.

They put up an Instagram story the other week taking people's suggestions for pressings from T&N and Solid State's back catalogs. They responded to a good chunk of them and said they had many of the suggested in the works. So it seems that more than the Furnace Fest exclusives have been green lit.


There are so many great older releases, my pick would have to be Search the City - A Fire so Big the Heavens Can See it. 

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  • 9 months later...

So it looks like they are doing 5 exclusive vinyl pressing this year. If you are in the facebook group for furnace fest they just posted a link with a password for to the revolver store with one of the first ones. According to the post they will be posting one a day this week.


Also I'm very late to this link (Sold Out) but they had all of last years versions combined with a book for sale.


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1 hour ago, fartsandwich said:

So far it’s been new bands with the exclusives. Last year was a nostalgia overload. I’m hoping we’ll get a pressing of Silence since they’ll be playing it in full

“Silence” has gotta be one of them. I even heard on a podcast with the FF guys and they said one of the vinyl exclusives is a band from Sweden.

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