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Radiohead - Kid A / Amnesiac 21st Anniversary Reissue (KID A Mnesia)


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FWIW I've noticed that the amount of inner groove distortion heard is dependent on the turntable and tonearm. I noticed it on my first unit, but as I've gradually stepped up players over the years, I don't hear it at all.

There is also some black magic involved in the pressings because some records that just seem to go and go (Blind Melon's "Soup") have nothad inner groove distortion on any of TTs.

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Probably just gonna buy this for the third disc and keep spinning my older pressings of the actual albums if they don't sound up to par. My main problem above all else is those 5 b-sides exclusive to the cassette. Those are the songs we want on the third disc dammit.

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2 minutes ago, Trimm_Trabb said:

Daily Mail is one of my favorite Radiohead songs. I wonder if they ever did a proper studio version. 

Yeah they did. Around the time The King of Limbs came out. Here's a CD version https://www.discogs.com/Radiohead-The-Daily-Mail-Staircase/release/4983431

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3 hours ago, highfives said:

They are using smaller labels, so there could be extra time on each side given the smaller space they're taking up.  Not sure what that equates to in minutes, but it should give a little more room.

I already see this being posted as fact on Reddit lmao. No, it doesn't work that way but thanks for posting you aren't sure. Thom has been using small labels on the last few releases between Radiohead and solo stuff.

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2 minutes ago, timsimmons said:

Pretty sure the Daily Mail/Staircase tracks are the From The Basement versions. So, yeah, studio versions, but live takes in the studio.

I had no idea. I remember From the Basement sounding amazing but don't watch it nearly as much as I listen to the Daily Mail single and it tricked me. Wow.

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38 minutes ago, wuhanclan said:

seeing how fast the red vinyl sold out maybe i should keep my pre order after all. that’s almost $300 spent this morning, but then it’s my favorite album from one of my fav bands of all time 

This same shit happened when OKNOTOK was first announced. There was a frenzy around the blue copies and then they were super easy to find on release date. 

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