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[PO NOW] Maybeshewill "No Feeling Is Final"

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/750 - Blue (Wax Bodega Exclusive)

/1000 - Blue and Pink Galaxy (MAYBESHEWILL EXCLUSIVE)

/1250 - Black (International Retail and Tour)


We are excited to finally announce that our new record, No Feeling is Final, is out November 19th. It will be released in the UK and Europe through our own The Robot Needs Home Collective label, and around the world through our friends at Wax Bodega, NEW NOISE CHINA and The Bird's Robe Collective. We could not be more excited for you to hear it. You can stream the first single ‘Refuturing’ everywhere NOW, and pre-order the album at https://buff.ly/2Yeh1i7. The Refuturing video premieres over on our YouTube channel tonight at 6pm GMT.

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Revisiting IWHFAM,TIWG, realized how much I missed this band, then checked out the video for the new single. I haven't listened to Fair Youth (and I know it wasn't their best received work in a while), but this sounds pretty solid. Probably worth pre-ordering, but have to do the 'boring' blue vs the galaxy for that price difference.

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Definitely a return to form. Just finished my first run-through and I think this is very solid. It's nothing groundbreaking but it's got some classic Maybeshewill grooves. Honestly, it sounds like they've been listening to a lot of Talons and Tangled Thoughts of Leaving since "Fair Youth" -- if I didn't know it was MSW I would've guessed one of the other bands first.

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