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PO: Circa Survive - A Dream About Love (out 10/22)

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Preorders available here - https://adreamaboutlove.com/
Circa Survive EP - A Dream About Love

This item is a preorder with a ship date of May/June 2022.

Buyers will receive a digital download of the album delivered via email on October 22, 2021.


Single Imposter Syndrome out 10/8

A Dream About Love 12" EP - First Pressing Info:
Gold Nugget - 500
Olive with Splatter - 1,000
Clear with Splatter - 1,250
Clear Green with Splatter - 750 (Patreon Exclusive)
Each slipmat bundle is out of 230
1. Imposter Syndrome
2. Drift
3. Our Last Shot
4. Even Better
5. Gone For Good
6. Sleep Well
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  • Justinadamk changed the title to PO: Circa Survive - A Dream About Love (out 10/22)
11 minutes ago, hallowken78 said:

Olive green splatter looks to only be available in bundles.  I'll go with clear.  Don't need the wraparound screenprinted covers - still bitter they screwed up the amulet ones and folded them right through the middle of the artwork.


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Gold and Olive both sold out on Rise.

Man they are making this a hard pre-order for me. Song is alright, especially once I pay attention to the lyrics, but then the only variant outside of bundles is the one I want the least. Looking at what's the cheapest bundle, you're in for $50 shipped in the US. No thanks. I guess I'll grab the clear and maybe if it's an ok EP I'll try to trade someone later?

Holy shit it's even worse than my estimate. Almost grabbed one of the shirts because it looked nice, but shipping was $14. So would have been $60 for a likely OK shirt and a 6 track EP. Gonna beat someone up if the second press variants look better.

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2 hours ago, N8TRU said:

May/June 2022 alone makes me not want to order it. No disrespect to the band of course, I understand why. But does anyone else feel that way? I don't see plants ever getting caught up at this rate.

I agree - I don't see them ever catching up.  But it's an issue across the board, so the only other alternative I see is to stop collecting.  And that would counteract my collecting addiction.   Maybe if the issue persists I'll get to a point where I'll be able to live with waiting until stuff hits retail and just copping whatever variant is available, but that's a hard sell to a psyche in the throes of addiction.   No doubt it would save me a ton of money.  

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The EP as a whole kind of reminds me of the Water disc from Thrice' Alchemy Index. I like it a lot, although I do wish it were a little more guitar driven. 

Also  I think Rise may have no meant to send the full EP out with the pre-orders. I just got a secondary email saying the download has been updated, and then when you download the updated link, it's a word document saying "you'll get the digital order the day of release". 



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