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Po now: Greyhaven - This Bright and Beautiful World (04.15)

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2 variants


Coke Clear W/ White & Baby Pink Splatter /250



yellow /200



song is up on streaming services.


When and why did this band became audioslave? 

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4 hours ago, jeffthomas84 said:

Right on, there’s definitely a few songs on Empty Black in the same realm as the new single.

exactly. White Lighters is a chillish song but fucking rules and gives the record the space it needed. They've always had strong dynamics on everything they've put out which is why I appreciate them so much. 

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41 minutes ago, KingTacoMunster said:

Alright, that’s the greyhaven I needed but is this song the exception on the album? Didn’t someone say the majority of the album is like the first single?

I've heard a good chunk of it. it's a normal greyhaven record. it's dynamic. like their past two releases they push the needle either way at a moment's notice. 

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On 11/8/2021 at 7:53 AM, nevelsaynevels said:

I love the new single.


I've heard a good amount of the new record and can confirm they don't all sound like 90's rock tunes, there are absolutely a lot of disgustingly heavy songs on it.  


You should enjoy the range of this band. 

Some people on this forum are very adverse to change. lol


"I don't understand why bands don't just make the same song over and over! Argh!" - millenial music bigot

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On 1/28/2022 at 5:25 PM, RyanSmithers said:

also, the fact that these guys haven't apparently moved 450 lp's yet, to me, shows how criminally underrated they are as a band!!!!

My bet is they will move once the record is out. They didn't sell out of that first press until well after the record was out and then it was repressed.  They're perpetually a slow burn band.

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