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PO NOW: Dashboard Confessional - All The Truth That I Can Tell (2-25-2022)

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New album announced: All The Truth That I Can Tell. February 25, 2022 release date. Pre-order links:






Standard Retail (Black) /????

DC Webstore exclusive (Black in Red) /2000 [1,917 left]

Bandbox Exclusive (Cloudy Dark Green) /????

Indie Exclusive (Transparent Dark Blue/Green) /????


Album Teaser: 



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48 minutes ago, januarytwenty said:

Single is great. 


38 minutes ago, xfactor675 said:

it's probably because of covid/ his accident, but damn i'm so glad the single is not full band. The album cover and vibe indicates the full album will be the same which is just perfect. 

It's really really great. Great melody and vocal performance by Chris too. Sometimes his more recent acoustic stuff can sound somewhat raspy/strained. This seemed a bit polished and the backup vocals sounded great. All around great song, hoping for more of this on the rest of the record. 


I'm thinking I'll just get the indie when it comes out in Feb. IMO that's the variant that went best with the cover

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5 hours ago, larry47591 said:

This is up now. Comes with a flexi not sure how many they are making

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10 hours ago, dantheriver said:

I ordered this one, had never heard of bandbox... But am a sucker for worthless zines. Hope I didn't waste my cash. Time to google bandbox. 

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Bandbox isn't bad. I've grabbed a few of their exclusives with the membership and it's really easy to skip months or cancel and the records are usually hand numbered. The zines are 12x12 and and a pretty cool insert to slip into the polysleeve with the record.


My favorite part about the subscription is that they send you an email a few days before they bill you to have you choose your next record and if you don't see one you like, you just skip and try again next month. No shitty tricky charges or unwanted records. 

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