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(PO) Unearth - Stings Of Conscience

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Album is getting repressed for the first time in forever.  4 variants.  Found 3 of them so far.  They are below.  Don't have the Unearth exclusive link to share at the moment.


20 year anniversary pressing of Unearth's debut full length originally released on Eulogy Recordings in 2001. Produced by Adam D. (Killswitch Engage) and Remastered in 2021 by Will Putney at Graphic Nature Audio. Guitar World called the album "groundbreaking,"  writing that these "forefathers of metalcore" combined "melodic licks with aggressive riffing in a manner both striking and original."

1st Pressing:

500 - 3 Color Stripe Blue / White / Yellow w/ White Splatter (Good Fight Exclusive)

300 - Clear w/ Black & Sky Blue Splatter (Revolver Exclusive)

400 - Quad Neon Purple & Clear w/ Black & Canary Yellow Splatter (Newbury Comics Exclusive)

300 - Half & Half Black / Canary Yellow (Unearth Exclusive)







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Almost posted about this and so tempted to grab it, listened to that so much back in the day


The revolver variant is the same as this one, though you can get 10% off here: https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/unearth-the-stings-of-conscience-limited-edition-milky-clear-with-black-and-sky-blue-splatter-lp-only-300-made

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13 hours ago, manu said:

$8.78 shipping.  Ridiculous.  I really want this, but I'm not trying to drop $35+ on it.  Wish a retail variant would pop up that I could order through Bullmoose.

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