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Cult Of Luna - The Long Road North (PO: December 1st)


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Cult Of Luna continues to stay productive. I would have never thought that we would see new album again in 2022. Release date is February 11th and pre-orders go live December 1st.


New song arrives on tuesday: 



Johannes Persson posted on Instagram that album will have "interesting guests": https://www.instagram.com/p/CV2quVjoldS/


1. Cold Burn 

2. The Silver Arc 

3. Beyond I 

4. An Offering to the Wind 

5. Into the Night 

6. Full Moon 

7. The Long Road North 

8. Blood upon Stone 

9. Beyond II


I think we will have about 90-100 different vinyl variants again. 


Edit: Some small new info here: https://metalshockfinland.com/tag/cult-of-luna/


 "As soon as listeners hit play, they are in familiar yet refreshingly new CULT OF LUNA territory, the pulsating rhythms pummeling, and Persson’s savage roar tearing through the layers of guitar. As is the case with every album from the band in recent years, there is a lot of shifting of dynamics and sonic density, and perhaps more so than usual on The Long Road North. “It’s a big sounding album, almost cinematic,” the band states."

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Pictures of the variants are up at the below link, can see about 15 different ones lol...the links still don't seem to show anything yet though. Seems to be some sort of boxset version in the back of the photo... Guess we will see what happens in the next few hours :)



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Variants so far:

Black - ?

Clear (boxset) - 2000

Wine Red - 700

Silver - 500

Clear light rust marbled - 500

Red Marbled - ? (Metal Blade)

Clear/Green Marbled - ? (Sound Pollution Exclusive)

Tan / Orange - 300 (Evil Greed Exclusive)

Orange & brown marbled - 300 (Season of Mist Exclusive)

Ruby Marbled - 200 (Kings Road Merch Europe exclusive)

Ochre Brown - ? (Eyesore UK Exclusive)

Transparent Light Blue Marbled - ? (Red Creek Exclusive)

Opaque Light Blue Marbled - ? (Red Creek Exclusive)

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