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Thrice - "Alchemy Index" Vinyl Box Set (Webstore Exclusive)

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https://vagrant.com/products/thrice-alchemy-index-vinyl-box-set-webstore-exclusive-2000-pressed - US

https://shop.hasslerecords.com/products/thrice-the-alchemy-index - EU/UK


2,500 pressed: 2,000 for North America - 500 for UK/EU

FIRE: Opaque Red in transparent Orange
WATER: Opaque White in transparent Process Blue
AIR: Opaque Gray in opaque White
EARTH: Opaque Pink in transparent pale Yellow

Please note due to issues at the plant the first 1,300 orders will ship right away and the balance of orders will be fulfilled in late January, 2022. Customers will be notified if their order will be delayed.

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This doesn't seem a webstore exclusive. Banquet has it for uk only. 




So the beggars represses and this can be considered that there won't be a boxset as first advertised on the new vagrant store, right? 



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45 minutes ago, jhulud said:

So it's only one per person?


I just tried ordering two (one as a Xmas gift for a friend and other for me) and it defaulted my order to just one. 


And yeah...even in the cart itself when you try to change to more than one, it changes back to one. 





Looks like it. From the item listing I can “add” more to cart to see how many are left (1278), but that reverts to a 1 when viewing cart.

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11 hours ago, solitaryreign said:

This is not EU! For the moment there seems to be no EU shop.

so it turns out it is EU after all 



11 hours ago, xtoolx said:



Wtf. I live in Germany and ordering from the UK is more expensive then from the usa... :D I ordered  from vagrant. I wanted this for so long. 


you are gonna pay brutal taxes on this though

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1 hour ago, xfactor675 said:

so it turns out it is EU after all 



you are gonna pay brutal taxes on this though

Looking at the original tweet, we're finally going to get the Pitchshifter.com album. Stoked.

Anyway, I'm another german guy that ordered from the US site. It's already 111$ so taxes would be around 21. If you already spend that much, what's another 20...

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