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About three years ago...my desktop PC crapped out on us. Something going on with the motherboard being fried. So we took out the hard drive out of it...which contains my entire music collection and files as well as all photos I've taken over the years that are not on my iPhone. 


Hard drive looks like this: 




My question is this. I'm pondering getting myself an Apple MacBook Air with max storage as I'd be using for music storage and eventual transfers to iPod and interwebz stuffs...maybe even resurrect the ol' record collecting blog. How easy or difficult would be to transfer all the data on that hard drive to the MacBook? Or maybe even an external drive or a flash drive? 


I honestly can't tell how much of the music and photo data I have on that hard disk. 




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What @superpeepholesaid, get an enclosure (preferably one with a power input) or a docking bay (link below) from Amazon, then send that shit back for a refund 😂. You should be able to access your C/D drive as if it were an external drive. Don't see why it wouldn't work on a Mac, you're just dragging/dropping universal media files.




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On 12/28/2021 at 12:21 AM, OU818 said:

be careful using external HDD going from PC to Mac, they use different file formats and will NOT always work without being reformatted. Although I'm sure there's some workaround by now

It's been a few years since I've had to do this and I know Apple likes to screw with random features in its OSes sometimes but I believe Windows formatted drives (NTFS) can be read no problem on MacOS, it's just writing to it that requires a workaround.

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