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Advice on a Soundbar with a record player

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Does anyone know of a soundbar that would not only work for my TV, but also has phono inputs for my Project Debut Carbon?


I'm having a hard time finding a product that will work with both.  


Alternatively, I could find a new turntable that has a digital output?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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I don't think you're gonna find a soundbar with phono inputs because thats not a bars intended use. On top of that IDK if they have anything other than an optical or HDMI input. So you may not even be able to get a TT amp as a go between. 


Your best bet may be a Sonos soundbar paired with the Sonos Amp. You can hook the TT into the amp, and then connect the amp and the soundbar together. 


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Maybe this is a silly question, but if I just ditched by Pro-ject and bought a new turntable with a USB output, wouldn't that output plug into any soundbar with a usb input and play music through the soundbar?  In the case of something like a Project Debut Recordmaster, would I still need a pre-amp?

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