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PO NOW : Silverstein "Misery Made Me"

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New single "Ultraviolet" is out, new album "Misery Made Me" coming may 6th.

Tracklisting as follows :

1/ Our Song

2/ Die Alone feat. Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid

3/ Ultraviolet 

4/ Cold Blood feat. Trevor Daniel

5/ It's Over

6/ The Altar/Mary

7/ Slow Motion feat. Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada

8/ Don't Wait Up

9/ Bankrupt

10/ Live Like This feat. nothing,nowhere.

11/ Misery

https://europe.unfdstore.com/collections/silverstein/products/silverstein-misery-made-me-3-color-ab-white-orange-blue-lp-unf /850

https://europe.unfdstore.com/collections/silverstein/products/silverstein-misery-made-me-clear-with-orange-blue-splatter-lp-unf /1250

https://silversteinmusic.com/products/misery-made-me-12-vinyl-clear-w-orange-blue-splatter-1 /850

https://silversteinmusic.com/products/misery-made-me-12-vinyl-clear-w-orange-blue-splatter /1250

https://24hundred.net/collections/silverstein/products/misery-made-me-12-vinyl-opaque-orange /2500

https://24hundred.net/collections/silverstein/products/misery-made-me-12-vinyl-3-color-a-b-white-orange-blue /850

https://24hundred.net/collections/silverstein/products/misery-made-me-12-vinyl-clear-with-orange-blue-splatter /1250

https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/silverstein-misery-made-me-limited-lp?color=000&type=REGULAR&size=ONE SIZE&quantity=1 / 950

https://www.emp.de/p/misery-made-me/529505.html /950
https://cutloosemerch.ca/products/misery-made-me-lp-opaque-orange /2500

https://cutloosemerch.ca/products/misery-made-me-lp-opaque-blue /1500

https://www.impericon.com/fr/silverstein-misery-made-me-orange-in-transparent-light-blue-colored-lp.html /450

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  • li0nel changed the title to PO NOW : Silverstein "Misery Made Me"

450 - Orange in Blue (Newbury Comics & Impericon exclusive) SOLD OUT

500 - Neon Orange (tour exclusive) 

850 - White, Orange, & Blue A-side/B-side (SOLD OUT)

950 - Half Blue/Half Black w/ Silver Splatter (Urban Outfitters & EMP exclusive)
1250 - Clear w/ Orange & Blue Splatter
1500 - Opaque Blue (worldwide indie exclusive) 
2500 - Opaque Orange (worldwide retail exclusive) 

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Did not plan on spending this much money this morning.

When I consolidated my collection and dispersed of some variant collections, Silverstein was like one of 5 bands I decided to continue variant collecting.


I do not see the Newbury variant up yet.

I feel like I can wait on the Indie and Worldwide variants for now since they are so plentiful. 

Was able to snag the splatters but missed out on the smash unfortunately


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Love this band. May have to pick up the tour variant.


True story: I once sold the bassist Bill a copy of their Short Songs EP. I guess it was a variant he didn't already have.


Met the band members a handful of times over the years. Talked a bit with Shane just about life in general during a meet n greet. Shane was kinda hitting on my GF at the time until he realized we were together. I blame her for trying to get backstage with him. lol


Talked to Bill briefly about sports as they were cleaning up their gear after a show. Great guys, can't support them enough.

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I wrote a big text about my first meeting with Shane but it turned out to be so boring that I'll just give you the conclusion: during the mosh at Bratislava's show I accidentally jumped on his foot and he leaved with pain on his face. It was during show opener performans (The Novelists and Landmvrks), Shane went to the crowd to support them from the first row.



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