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should I upgrade/change my setup? any recs

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not an audiophile but a dedicated 800 sq ft music room and its a daily use. im suffering from a little bit of boredom. have a marantz TT15-s1 had to replace the cartridge with a grado gold through a marantz 6007 into def tech BP-8 series floor speakers.  all great but same setup for 10 years and im moving a bunch of stuff around, thinking about changing to a different setup.



Would love to get a vintage dual 1229 or thorens but this marantz has been pretty low maintenance outside of my son breaking the stylus on the clearaudio cart lol.



If you were going to upgrade TT in the 500-2K range whats your choice?

If you changed TT would you do something different with the amplifier? (marantz integrated)

I think I want bookshelf speakers on a floor stand...any recs? I have heard good things about the Klipsch sixes but what do you guys think about bookshelf speakers in general?

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That's all stellar equipment. But if I was looking for a different setup, I would be looking at going in the opposite direction in terms of builds. If not, it's just a lateral move. Meaning, I'd look at direct drive decks (like Technics SL-1500C) with a moving coil cartridge (like AT33Sa). Then check out options for integrated tube amps (so many great ones out there). Klipsch would be fun to check out. I would just try something that has bigger bass drivers than the 5" on BP8s...like Wharfedale Lintons or KLH Model 5. 


Fun, fun! I'm jealous. Enjoy the ride.

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If you have a bit of time and like building stuff, you could build your own high-end speakers. I did this a few years back, and it was one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done, and the speakers sound better than anything I would have been able to afford otherwise. GR Research has kits which will give you some of the best components you can get; you just build the cabinets.

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My setup isn't too different:


Marantz TT-15s1 with the clearaudio cart

Marantz PM8004

Monitor Audio RX8s


I think you'd get more bang for your buck upgrading your integrated/speakers than the turntable.   If you do some hunting, you can find one of the Marantz PM8xxx  series integrateds in the $500 range.  I had the PM5xxx and PM6xxx and the made in Japan integrated was a big step up.


I don't really have any experience with those particular speakers, I would think you will get the biggest shift in sound by swapping in different speakers even above a new amp.  Personally, I would like to try some Buchardt S400s or some thing form Zu Audio.




I recently took a little walk down the dark path and picked up a Technics SL-1200GR currently fitted with a 2M Blue (I should have just gone straight to the 2M Black) and it's been a lot of fun to deal with a more user friendly turntable particularly for playing singles.

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I am a dance music DJ, and I'd like to record electronic music off vinyl to hard disk.

I'm wondering what people's opinions would be about fitting my SL-1200mk2's with MC cartridges to do the job. I have been looking at the Ortofon MC 10, 20 and the Denon 103 and 103r.

I am new to the audiophile thing and have no idea what sort of results I would get... any ideas?

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