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3 hours ago, nathan_s82 said:

Just got my shipping notice from Amazon for Vol. 3. Now to pray All Hope Is Gone comes soon.

the ahig pre order on my local record store’s website still says june 24 but the roadrunner website says the release date for that one is now july 1 so i’d go by the date rr has bc they also pushed vol 3 to june 17 a while back which makes sense with people’s orders starting to ship 


EDIT: i didn’t realize the roadrunner site does have june 24 listed for the vol 3 release date now but i don’t see why pre orders would be shipping out over a week early ???

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talked to a guy at my local record store today about the release dates being pushed to see if he knew anything about when they may be coming and he didn’t know any more than i did 🙃 i’m hoping for the 24 for vol 3 and july 1 for ahig with those being on the roadrunner site but my hopes are incredibly low as the ahig listing has now disappeared from the store’s website 

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Indie Exclusive - Orange via Bull Moose for Vol. 3



And apparently an "Orchid" Indie exclusive?





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