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Need some help understanding a possible ground loop

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Hey all, I just moved into a new house like a new new just built house and my AT-LP50 with pre-amp on into Bose Companion 2s is now making a crazy buzzing noise when I plug it in. I ruled out pretty much everything. The buzzing goes away when I turn the pre-amp off, but of course that's not helpful in this situation. Did I bust the pre-amp? Is there something about the electrical in this new house? If I could get away with fixing it without spending money that would be incredible. 

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Have you tried setting up the system at a different outlet...might be something wrong with the new wiring. Or could be bad RCA cable coming from the turntable...I believe the ground is inside the cable on the AT-PL50, as opposed to separate ground wire that you need to connect to a post. Does the buzzing stop when you touch the RCA cables where they plug into the speaker?

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