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PO NOW: The Wonder Years - The Hum Goes On Forever (Sept 23rd)

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5 minutes ago, Rip said:

Damn didn’t realize it was almost release day.  Got shipping from Hopeless a little while ago.  Can’t wait to finally hear this thing.

i bundled this with like 5 newbury LPs when they had a sale not long ago assuming they'd all ship around now, but they actually sent me the other 4 last month and split them without charging me again (as far as i know). totally thought for a minute when i opened the box that they'd accidentally sent it out early, though, so i'm eager to get mine for real this time!

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Nothing from Zia yet. It would've been cool to have this at my doorstep on release day, but the fact that it'll be here earlier than 6 months after the release date is good enough for me lol


EDIT: Zia actually shipped.. It'll be here in 6 days. Nothing from hopeless (yeah, ordered that too; I love this band)

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